Bernie’s Scandinavia: a model for socialism in the US?

Bernie Sanders refers to Scandinavia as the model for socialism in the US. Living standards for the 99% are higher, women have long maternity leave and the poor have better access to health care and education. But how were these welfare reforms obtained? What role did trade unions and popular movements play? And how does neoliberalism continue to impact Scandinavian living standards?

Willemijn Wilgenhof, a socialist activist from the Netherlands, will discuss to what extent Sweden and Norway are socialist countries or just have a different model of capitalism. Josh Cascone, Pittsburgh ISO member, will discuss if and how Scandinavian levels of welfare can be obtained in the US.

vietnam-protest-bombing-of-hanoiPublic Meeting on 
Thursday October 22, 7 PM
Second floor of ‘the O’ in Oakland
The Original Hot Dog Shop
3901 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA
International Socialist Organization (ISO)  /


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